Ongoing Home Protection Programs

In pest control, the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is especially true. Pest Control Northwest works with our customers to create Home Protection Programs that provide cost-effective ways of preventing problems before they start.

We develop a customer-driven in-depth program that provides pest control, exclusion, remediation and maintenance elements. Our programs can include some or all of the following:

  • Initial inspection of attic and crawl space for any pest evidence, contamination or structural damage;
  • Initial inspection to locate any existing rodent accesses;
  • Annual inspection of attic and crawl spaces;
  • Inspect for -- and implement if needed -- insect protection measures for under sinks, inside kitchen pantry and garbage containers;
  • Install moth monitoring traps;
  • Sanitize all drains to prevent odor issues from starting;
  • Install exterior perimeter pest treatment barrier;
  • Install rodent traps and bait (if appropriate) around the property;
  • Check for outside soil and wood contact;
  • Check for any pruning necessary to maintain proper house clearance;
  • Change furnace filters two times per year or as required;
  • Drain water heater two times per year to inspect for rust damage and extend the life of the heater;
  • Test hot water tank temperature and pressure valve;
  • Clean shower heads with white vinegar to remove mineral deposits once a year;
  • Check and replace batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 alarms two times per year or as required;
  • Change ceiling fan rotation direction two times per year;
  • Perform refrigerator coil dust cleaning and washing of drip pan and drain line, saving energy and extending the life of the refrigerator;
  • Replacing the refrigerator water filter as required;
  • Cleaning the range hood fan filter, fan blades and housing;
  • Inspect any sump pumps on the property, ensuring optimal operation;
  • Check fire extinguishers for date certifications;
  • Clean debris from outside heat pump or air conditioner;
  • Exercise all circuit breakers to check for any potential electrical problems;
  • Test all GFI Recepticles two times per year;
  • Clean dryer duct of lint (and inside of dryer) if required, to reduce a significant fire hazard and reduce drying time;
  • Clean clothes washer water inlet screen;
  • Detach outside hoses in October/November to prevent water supply pipes from freezing and bursting;
  • Check garage door safety reverse operation;
  • Clean dishwasher strainer and spray arm;
  • ... in addition to a multitude of other customer-unique requested services

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