My oh my how times have changed!

It seems like only yesterday I was carrying a pager on my hip to stay in touch with clients who found me in the Yellow Pages. And while my faithful LG flip phone still works (no kidding), being the only guy west of the Mississippi without a SmartPhone is finally about to change, too.

Trey Shelton - Owner

You see, for almost 30 years I've run my entire business all by myself, supported only by my trusted Webmaster. And as my professional reputation continues to grow and client work requests become ever more complex, I've thankfully seen the light and now strongly encourage my clients to always provide an email contact with all the information requested by the following form, including photos whenever possible. This procedure will definitely help me to serve you better.

Yes, my phone is still (425) 941-5001 and voice mail is available for you unless the cache is full......but email is becoming the favored communication method of choice for my busy clients. If you do have an urgent situation, by all means, contact me by phone......and by email.

By working together, we can get your information to me in the quickest and most complete way possible so I can schedule service and you can receive consulting in the most time-efficient manner. Sounds like a win - win to me..........

I'm excited to hear from You!

All the best, ~ Trey