Improving Indoor Air Quality

With today's homes being built with greater and greater airtightness, this trapped air can lead to high levels of allergens and other contaminants. It can be a challenge to remove the source of allergic and asthmatic reactions. In total, some 40 million individuals in the U.S. are affected by allergens from various sources (with children being even more vulnerable to allergen contaminates).

How can Pest Control Northwest help relieve your symptoms? As a pest control specialist and licensed contractor, Trey can address almost all of the major asthmatic triggers (mold & mildew, animal danders and cockroches) through a variety of methods.

  • All principle allergens found in crawl spaces and attics can be virtually confined or removed from the structure
  • Trey eradicates rodents or other pests and completely sanitizes all nesting areas
  • Mold can be controlled by adding adequate ventilation and reducing humidity levels
  • Floor and ductwork can be sealed airtight

Is mold a cause of your symptoms? Mold growth in the home is due to excessive indoor humidity or water leaks. Trey can investigate and correct leaks and can provide other solutions such as increasing the venting of humid air from major sources like laundry rooms, bathrooms and cooking areas. Reducing crawl space humidity will also reduce in-home humidity as well.

Trey works with every homeowner to develop an air improvement program to match their needs. He also gets to deliver an added bonus: an important second benefit to sealing floor and attic penetrations -- and sealing all ductwork airtight -- is a significant increase in home comfort levels and energy efficiency.

Improve indoor air quality by getting to the source of the problem.