Crawl Space and Attic Clean Outs

Pest infestation can create hazardous conditions in crawl spaces and attics. Trey's background as both a licensed contractor and pest management specialist means that he has the tools and experience to return any crawl space or attic to like-new condition.

Rodents or other animals can damage and contaminate insulation and poly ground cover to the point of requiring replacement. During a cleanout, the original materials are removed then Trey meticulously cleans and sanitizes the area. Rodent access points are located and sealed, and any confined rodents are trapped and removed.

As both a licensed contractor and a pest control specialist, Trey will spot any problems such as chewed wires and drain pipes, leaking or corroded water pipes, high water marks on the foundation, wood rot at post bottoms, insufficient ventilation (excessive humidity promotes wood eating beetle infestations), even darkened carpet edges in living areas. Pest Control Northwest can perform expert repair and solutions for these issues, and much, much more.

Before beginning any cleanout and as part of the planning process, Trey offers homeowners an extensive list of work options that can best be performed during the time when insulation is not present, such as proper venting, sealing floor penetrations, applying wood preserving borate treatments, sealing or upgrading ductwork, installing drainage systems or even removing soil with industrial truck vacuuming equipment (to allow better access and ventilation) and installing high performance dryer duct work.

A common suggestion that Trey makes to homeowners: since energy efficiency experts report that some 40% of the air in the average house comes through the crawl space, it makes perfect sense to consider sealing the under floor area prior to reinstallation of insulation. With energy costs continuing to increase, Trey's recommendation reflects the most "bang for the buck" when it comes to improving a home's energy efficiency. This is because sealing the under floor area helps to maximize insulation performance. Without sealing, insulation is little more than a filter.

How you approach the replacement of contaminated materials will affect your home's operating cost and your quality of life for many years to come. Let Trey explain your great options.

Get cost-effective solutions during crawl space and attic cleanouts.