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Your experiences with Pest Control Northwest!

Hi Trey,
Thank you for your understanding our situation. We do appreciate your expertise.

All the best,
Mike & Pam North Bend, WA

I just wanted to let you know we passed the inspection with flying colors! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in getting us there! We certainly could not have done it without you. You are awesome!

I appreciate all your thoughtfulness and excellent work.

All the Best,
Joey M. - Seattle Real Estate Broker

We called Trey Shelton at Pest Control Northwest after we were referred by another Bee Removal company that could not help us with an active yellow jacket wasp nest that was difficult to reach. The nest was especially troubling because we were getting about a dozen bees in the house every day. Trey answered the phone and came out to our house the same day. He could not find the exact location of the nest (ceiling or wall) so he treated the nest entrance in our roof. The bees were gone but he told us we may see bees again in 10-14 days when the protected bees would hatch, so just call him and he would return, no charge. 10 days later we had bees in the house again and also bees around the front door. We called Trey and he returned and treated again. It was great friendly service and we are now bee free! 
Jim and Debbie


Just spent 20 minutes on the phone with owner Trey Shelton who could not have been nicer or more helpful. At the end of the discussion he suggested my problem was something I could handle without his help. Impressive.


Trey was our superhero / wizard/ guru of the day. Our house has been involuntarily welcoming what is called the "orchard mason bee" - described by trey, which was exactly the same as the ones we ve been finding in our rooms. Instead of my initial expectation of setting up an appointment for him to come out, he literally walked us through EVERYTHING you need to know about these bees and how to "cope" with them, as they are great early pollinators and they are really docile and low risk insects. He was so awesome. I would highly recommend him if you have any questions about pest/insect. Thank you for saving our day Trey!!


I have called Trey Shelton of Pest Control Northwest twice when I was freaking out (the first time, carpenter ants.  The second, termites.)  He has answered the phone personally each time and given me incredibly sage advice and calmed me down before I took a flamethrower to the entire house in an effort to rid myself of the pests.  The second time, rather than have me spend money (that I don't have) for him to come out, he listened to my story, asked insightful questions, then advised a wait and see approach.  Again, talking me off the ledge, he did not try to sell me services I don't need.  That's a kind of integrity you just don't see from many businesses these days, large or small.  What a great guy and a genuinely nice man.  I will forever use Trey Shelton for any kind of pest control issues.


Let me first preface by saying I didn't have any services done, but I was so blown away by their incredible service on the phone I couldn't help but write a review. 
The gentleman I spoke with was the owner and when I asked about flea treatment he said, I would love to help but I am completely booked. He then proceeded to take the time to find out more about my needs to refer me somewhere. He was the most personable, friendly gentleman and I could tell so honest. The fact that he was so busy but still took the time to help me, and even contemplated how he could help, was service that is few and far between nowadays. I would have gladly waited any amount of time for him if I wasn't moving out of the area. 
I highly recommend this company, I can't imagine the services and quality of work would be anything less than stellar.


I had a bee hive in my dining room ceiling.  After trying to get a bee removal service in, I found out I had yellow jackets and needed an exterminator.  Trey was fantastic.  He explained the issues, likelihood of problems, costs, and expenses very well.  While he was super-late for our appointment, he was helping someone else with a critter crisis and it's totally understandable.  He made it to our house at 7:30 PM and at 10:30 PM my two foot long, three inch high hive was gone, and everything was clean and back to normal.  I will ALWAYS use him for extermination and pest control.


Trey was wonderful to work with! I had an ant problem which was not solved by the usual ant baits. He gave us great suggestions over the phone and told us why it may not be working instead of running out here to making a quick buck.