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Located at the confluence of the Snoqualmie River and the Raging River, 26 miles east of Seattle near Preston and I-90, the unincorporated town of Fall City had a 2010 census population of 1,798 residents.

It was the site of two forts built in 1856 with the help of local Snoqualmie Indians.  The area soon became secure and economic activity began in earnest.  A historical marker east of Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course at the closest intersection of Fish Hatchery Road and a small creek entering the river from the northeast commemorates the Fort Tilton site and events of the time.

The once neighboring town of Snoqualmie Falls was originally located very near the falls when Weyerhaeuser was a major employer there.  When Weyerhaeuser left, townspeople eventually migrated downstream to the current site of Fall City and to other areas.

Steamboats first came up river to Fall City in 1875.  They used the area as a landing since rapids were immediately upstream.  This new transportation link to Seattle fostered the success of the first sawmill in the Snoqualmie Valley in the 1870’s.  Subsequently, the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railway was routed near Fall City in 1889 and bolstered trade and tourism even further.

However, as the east-west Sunset Highway was being improved after WWII, it was rerouted further away south to North Bend.  As a result, the local economic engine began to slow.  Today, the town is a bedroom community for those employed on the Eastside and in Seattle.  Tourism is the powerful area mainstay now.

Nearby Snoqualmie Falls, at 268 feet high is a must see for visitors, and 2.5 million make the trek each year.  Located on the dramatic north bank of the falls, the Salish Lodge & Spa features panoramic lodging views and an internationally recommended dining experience long to be remembered.

Geologists have determined that the falls were created by a nearby 20 million year old volcanic eruption.  Even today, volcanic debris can be found along the river below the falls.

As spectacular as this natural wonder is, a significant quantity of the upstream river water is actually diverted to power underground hydroelectric generating plants built in 1898 and 1910.

The Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course on Fish Hatchery Road offers enjoyable 18 hole play, and is flanked by a private residential community anchored by their own, private air strip known as Fall City Airport. Property owners taxi from their own yards directly to the strip.

The folks here in Fall City are right at home in their little frontier town.  There’s a certain Norman Rockwell, salt of the earth sense to these people---and a more tightly knit community you couldn’t find.  Come to visit, or come to stay, either way, count yourself lucky and we’ll leave the light on for you.

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