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Smokey Point, WA   98223

Look for Trey’s historical neighborhood overview for this unique community coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful links that provide a glimpse into the heart and soul of Smokey Point.


Useful Links and Local Features

Smokey Point, Washington – Wikipedia

Arlington – Smokey Point Chamber of Commerce

Thinking of Moving Here?

Smokey Point Master Plan – City of Marysville

City of Arlington Economic Development Project – Smokey Point

Smokey Point – Neighborhood Scout

Driving Marysville to Smokey Point - Cbwonder1

The Everett Clinic at Smokey Point – Construction Time-Lapse

Salmon Fishing Spot – Smokey Point - AlphaDawg

2014 Pabineau Intertribal Pow Wow – Smokey Point - Joe Peterpaul

John Koster Speaks at Smokey Point Candidate Forum - Koster for Congress

Smokey Point Starbucks

Naval Station Everett – Smokey Point Complex

Smokey Point Commissary - Defense Commissary Agency

Smokey Point Volleyball Club - Home of Viper Volleyball

Smokey Point RV Park

Arlington | Smokey Point Chamber Golf Tournament & BBQ Banquet Dinner

Smokey Point Real Estate – Zillow

Know What’s Below, Call Before You Dig

Pest Control and Extermination Services for Smokey Point – Trey Shelton

Bee, Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Nest Removal for Smokey Point – Trey Shelton

Beaver, Otter, Mt. Beaver and Raccoon Trapping for Smokey Point – Trey Shelton

Shockwave™ Mole Control, Removal and Extermination for Smokey Point – Trey Shelton

Tree Removal, Topping and Thinning – Mike Green

Real Estate Services – Eric and Renee Reese

Real Estate Services – Toby Barnett

Real Estate Services – Joni Kerley

Real Estate Services – Barbara Clark

Real Estate Services – Gvara Kirschner 

Real Estate Services – OJ Marston

Real Estate Services – Gary & Cindy Sjoblom

Real Estate Services – Jean Cory

Real Estate Services – Michael West and Leilani McCormick

Strategies for Negotiating Inspections – Mike Winkler & E J Bowlds (As a General Contractor, Trey Performs Specific Issue and Pest Control Related Work to Seller|Buyer Complete Satisfaction)

Air Duct Cleaning

Roofing Services

Drainage and Structural Services

Home Inspections – Mark Daughtry

Precision Turf Equipment – Dan Robinson

Handicraftsman Services – Roger McColley

Professional Painting Services – Matt Elam and PJ Clarke

Irrigation, Lighting, Backflow Device Testing, Service & Repairs – Dave Sheldon

Ballard Ornamental Ironworks, Inc. – Douglas and David Farage

Tom McIntosh Glass and Glazing - Tom McIntosh

Fasteners, Tools, Maintenance & Shop Supplies

Fireplace Heating Products

Woodworking Power Tools, Bits & Hand Tools

Premium Cedar, Exotic Hardwoods, Custom Milling

Home Improvement & Outdoor Equipment – Monroe

Home Improvement & Outdoor Equipment – Snohomish

Household Maintenance Products & Materials, Hardware & Supplies

Paint & Decorating | Wood Finishes | Expert Tint Matching

Premium Quality Paints – The Professional Painters Paint Store

Earl’s Lakeview Barber Shop – Traditional Old School Shop with Mounts on the Wall, Sports Memorabilia & Outdoors Conversation in Kirkland – Five Stars

Kirkland Transmission – Transmissions, Fuel Injectors, & Trustworthy Service (Tony Helps Keep My Trucks On the Road ~ Trey)

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