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While early expeditions reached Snoqualmie in 1851, Indian tensions were high during the 1850’s, and deterred newcomers from the area.  However, by 1858 settlement was led by Jeremiah Borst, who accumulated significant land holdings. Farming sustained the early pioneers, including dairy and quantities of hops, but eventually gave way to the timber industry.

By 1877 the timber business serving Puget Sound growth supported 12 logging operations in the Snoqualmie region. When the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad arrived in the late 1880’s, production reached new highs.  Since Snoqualmie was further from Seattle than most towns, except North Bend, vast quantities of timber were still available for harvest long into the 20th century.

From its very first beginnings, Snoqualmie boasted the usual western frontier businesses including a hotel, livery, general store, dance hall, church, and post office. Since the town incorporated in 1903, today’s main street of historic Snoqualmie remains largely unchanged from its slow progression of development through the last 125 years, like a town frozen in time.

Snoqualmie is truly one of the last cities in the area where you can go from one life time zone to another in a matter of a mile or two of driving. Plans are underway for infrastructure improvements and sprucing up the historic district, but for most, leaving the past standing satisfies long term Northwest residents’ deep seated need to remain connected to our past. The statistics tell the tale, for between 1960 and 2000, the population only grew by 415 souls to a total of 1,631 lucky people.

Following the annexation of the nearby Snoqualmie Ridge area in the mid-1990’s, a brand new, planned community was developed on an elevated plateau in the middle of vast forests.  Featuring panoramic views, pedestrian friendly access, services and shopping, and a Jack Nicklaus signature design golf course, the community has added some 9,000 new residents to the sleepy town of Snoqualmie.

As tourists continue to discover the living past in the railroad museum and the old town historic district, the ‘new town up on the hill’ brings another brave generation to sink roots into this fertile soil, building their own chapter in this evolving western saga.

During the same period, the local Snoqualmie Indian Tribe finally succeeded in their relentless quest to be granted official tribal status by the U.S. government.  They went on to convince the Bureau of Indian Affairs to grant federal reservation status to a special site southwest of Snoqualmie along I-90 upon which they built a $375 million lodge style casino.  The odds are, after your first visit, you’ll be planning your next!

There’s an appeal to Snoqualmie that transcends mere words, which only personal experience can define.  Once you see for yourself, your heart will guide you here.

Snoqualmie, a truly breathtaking place to live, play and raise a family.

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