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Matts Peterson is credited in 1865 with first settler status, and Jeremiah Borst from Snoqualmie played a very major role as well.  Farming was the early mainstay to the valley economy, and settlers found the already cleared, flat prairie landscape much to their liking.  Local Indians had tended the land by periodic burning to encourage berries and other edible plants.

Of course, logging became a major activity here as elsewhere east of Lake Sammamish.  In addition, the settlement was fortuitously situated to intercept travelers going across the mountains, and supplied goods, lodging, and transportation.

Like its neighboring city, Snoqualmie, North Bend grew very slowly.  From 1910 to 1960, only 646 folks moved to North Bend.  Following freeway improvements, the area began populating noticeably faster, until reaching an estimated 5,947 residents in 2011.

Today, Main Street is still home to businesses that were here for decades serving travelers when US10/Sunset Highway followed that route through town.  In 1978 the highway was rerouted around downtown, and while motoring tourist businesses suffered, folks began to see that living in North Bend and commuting to work was now feasible and home values began a steep climb.

You may recall that the hit TV series “Twin Peaks” was filmed primarily in North Bend.  Even today, a hard-core following still makes the trek to North Bend landmark movie locations to see, touch and experience history.  You can still get a great cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie here, too!

North Bend is now a favorite area for mega-estates offering larger acreages and expansive views of 4,167’ Mt. Si and surrounding territory.  It’s become a bedroom community for computer specialists, management executives, engineers and scientific folks.  The transient tourist business has been replaced by successfully marketing the area as a tourist destination with a wealth of outdoor activity options.

Locals like to say they are just 30 minutes from Seattle, but one million miles from the hustle and bustle of big city life.  Come and see why North Bend is easy to reach---and hard to leave.


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Thinking of Moving Here?

North Bend Theatre – 1941, 125 Bendigo Blvd. North
Camp North Bend – 1935, 45509 SE 150TH St
Si View Pool and Activity Center – Built by WPA 1938-1940, 400 SE Orchard Drive
Historic Commercial District – 1889 through 1960, Bendigo Blvd. & North Bend Way
Tollgate Farmhouse – 1890, SR 202 Near Boalch Ave 

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North Bend Premium Outlets

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Mt Si Cheer Moving Up Assembly - Hailey Renee

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Twede’s Café

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Mount Si

Mount Si - Washington Trails Association

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Warrior Dash 2012 North Bend, Washington - Travis Janeway

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North Bend Timber Felling Spring 2012 - TimberPimple

Washington State Patrol Fire Training Academy - Powersgk

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Flying Over Meadowbrook Farm, North Bend, WA - Psounder

Mission "Limp Wrist Falls Cliff Jump" - North Bend, WA - Kyle Maltz

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Cedar River Watershed Education Center - Seattle Public Utilities

Rain Drum Courtyard – Dan Corson

Cedar River Watershed Education Center Rain Drums - RocketShipX41

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest – North Bend Office - USDA

Hiking with Foxy - Mailbox Peak - Sammi McKee

Mailbox Peak: The Second Mailbox - Drew Grffin

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North Bend Bar & Grill

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Know What’s Below, Call Before You Dig

Pest Control and Extermination Services for North Bend – Trey Shelton

Bee, Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Nest Removal for North Bend – Trey Shelton

Beaver, Otter, Mt. Beaver and Raccoon Trapping for North Bend – Trey Shelton

Shockwave™ Mole Control, Removal and Extermination for Northbend – Trey Shelton

Tree Removal, Topping and Thinning – Mike Green

Real Estate Services – Christi Irwin

Real Estate Services – Debbie Walter

Real Estate Services – Stephen Macdonald

Real Estate Services – Charlotte Kossow

Real Estate Services – John L. Scott, North Bend – Voted “Best Real Estate Agency in the Snoqualmie Valley 2010”

Strategies for Negotiating Inspections – Mike Winkler & E J Bowlds (As a General Contractor, Trey Performs Specific Issue and Pest Control Related Work to Seller|Buyer Complete Satisfaction)

Air Duct Cleaning

Roofing Services

Drainage and Structural Services

Home Inspections – Mark Daughtry

Precision Turf Equipment – Dan Robinson

Handicraftsman Services – Roger McColley

Professional Painting Services – Matt Elam and PJ Clarke

Irrigation, Lighting, Backflow Device Testing, Service & Repair – Dave Sheldon

Ballard Ornamental Ironworks, Inc. – Douglas and David Farage

Tom McIntosh Glass and Glazing - Tom McIntosh

Fasteners, Tools, Maintenance & Shop Supplies

Fireplace Heating Products

Woodworking Power Tools, Bits & Hand Tools

Premium Cedar, Exotic Hardwoods, Custom Milling

Home Improvement & Outdoor Equipment – Monroe

Home Improvement & Outdoor Equipment – Snohomish

Household Maintenance Products & Materials, Hardware & Supplies

Paint & Decorating | Wood Finishes | Expert Tint Matching

Premium Quality Paints – The Professional Painters Paint Store

Earl’s Lakeview Barber Shop – Traditional Old School Shop with Mounts on the Wall, Sports Memorabilia & Outdoors Conversation in Kirkland – Five Stars

Kirkland Transmission – Transmissions, Fuel Injectors, & Trustworthy Service (Tony Helps Keep My Trucks On the Road ~ Trey)

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