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As one of Seattle’s earliest pioneers, Thomas Mercer was credited with first exploring the island in the middle of Lake Washington and was recognized in a federal land survey with his name attached to the island --- thus, Mercer’s Island.

In the beginning, Mercer Island was just as wild as the surrounding Bellevue countryside.  A black bear was taken in 1873 and the last deer hunting season was as recent as 1942.

Initial settlers started arriving about 1870, and a short 17 years later, Charles Calkins homesteaded in 1887 where Luther Burbank Park is today.  He quickly proceeded to build a community called East Seattle, and a luxury resort hotel designed by John Parkinson, at the north end of the island.  Alas, the hotel was destroyed by fire in 1908.  The commute to Seattle was via a steamboat Calkins owned as well.

Calkins always dreamed big --- he went as far away as Kingston to plat the town in 1890 in hopes of attracting vacationers from Seattle.  The community grew but not to Calkin’s expectations.

The Island’s official name of East Seattle continued in effect until 1924 when the name was shortened and changed to Mercer Island.

Three notable buildings remain from early Mercer Island, including a landmark meeting place, The Roanoke Inn, still referred to as “a place where friends meet friends”.  Other buildings are the Keewaydin Clubhouse now the VFW Hall, and Luther Burbank Park with its Boys Parental School, which was a place for wayward boys.  All can be visited at the northern end of the island.

Ferries played a major transportation role connecting countless stops around Lake Washington from before 1890 to as recently as 1950.  Even as 12 ferry runs per day continued between Mercer Island and Seattle, the first bridge to connect the Island to land crossed the East Channel in 1923 to the eastern shore of Lake Washington at the southern reaches of current Bellevue.  This wooden, 20 feet wide bridge would gallantly serve the island until 1940.  As the story is told, the bridge eventually became so treacherous that school busses let the children out to cross ahead on foot, and then re-board the bus!

The residential area of the Island was incorporated in 1960.  However just one month later, the business district incorporated separately.  It took 10 years for the two areas to come to terms and finally merge as the City of Mercer Island in 1970.

From a leisurely start, population grew in spurts with each new means of access to the Island: 1940/1,200, 1950/4,500, 1953/9,000, 1960/13,000, and in 2010, 22,699 residents called “The Island” home.  The community is vibrant, upscale and a sought after location in which to live and raise a family.  Schools are absolutely top notch, with most students college bound.

Builders have conquered many a hillside to use available land with a water view.  As a result, some residents have even considered installing heated driveways in order to navigate steep slopes in occasional winter snow.  But then again, a day off from school sledding down the snowy drive could make a wonderful childhood memory.  There’s always a bright side if you look for it!

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